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AM Gray & Co Farm Contracting - Grays Farms

AM Gray Farm Contracting

We are able to drill large acreage with our 8 metre Horch drill pulled by a quadtrac, three sprayers from Trailed, Fastrac and Bateman.

It is often more economical for farmers to hire a contractor than buying machines. We can offer a full programme of farm services but we also take on one off jobs.

Our main base is in Colchester Essex, we run a low loader transport company so we can travel county to county with our work. We are always looking for combining work in East Anglia although we have 3 bases in Essex, Norfolk and Exeter giving us great scope to cover a lot of the country.

Farm Services:

  • Twin leg mole draining
  • Spraying
  • Combining
  • Drilling
  • Cultivating
  • Rolling
  • Muck carting and spreading
Our equipment can be moved around the country Farm contractors in East Anglia and Essex
Our equipment can be moved around the country Combining in East Anglia